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What to do when written communication falls short

How in the world does written communication ruin a weekend?

I enjoyed a meeting with someone. And after he asked me to send him an email as a follow-up. I sent him a message with a basic attachment – a spreadsheet I wanted him to look at and play with – thinking he understood exactly what I sent because of our conversation.

The next day I got an email from him that completely blew me away. It was very demanding and truly did not sound like him at all. I felt so surprised, and my disappointment and negative feelings about his response consumed me the whole weekend. How had this happened?

Well, my original email communicated something completely different to him than I had meant or anticipated. Then his email implied to me something that he wasn’t actually trying to imply. Even though he tried to be direct, I took it the wrong way.

That exchange absolutely could have ruined our relationship.

Thank goodness we sat down and actually had a conversation face to face! We spoke with each other and shared our thoughts and feelings.

We got clarity.

Written communication falls short more often than we perhaps like to admit. So much is lost when we communicate through text and emails!

Even in a company like Skipio, where we know how personal even business texting can be, we can’t forget the importance of verbal communication, of sitting down with someone to just talk.

When we balance written and verbal communication, great things happen.