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Turning hardship into personal connections

Christina Marie has seen her fair share of hardships in life. After losing her position in corporate America, she joined a fitness challenge at Fit Body Boot Camp in McKinney, Texas on a whim.

She instantly enjoyed the community there. As she grew closer with the people there and the owner, Evelyn Finister, Christina told her about the financial burden the membership fee had become. Evelyn worked with her to figure out a deal – Christina would clean the gym during off hours and in exchange for a reduced membership fee. After sweeping and mopping the gym for a time, Christina partnered up with Evelyn to become the operations manager.

Christina connected with Evelyn and other members because of the strong sense of community she found at the gym. Personal connections and relationships have always been a priority for Christina, and she found her groove at FBBC McKinney with people who also prioritize community building.

Her role at the gym has grown larger than just handling the operations of it – she is also the resident life coach. Christina is available 24/7 to members to help them through any fitness or personal hardship they are having. People only need to spend a few minutes with Christina to feel the compassion she has for others.

Fit Body Boot Camp life coach Christina stands in front of a Fit Body Boot Camp step and repeat banner.

Christina is constantly available over text for members and challengers alike – almost 200 people at any given time. Her success is dependent on building personal relationships, and she uses Skipio because it allows her to communicate with people the way they want to communicate. She uses Skipio for a variety of purposes, but here are four ways she uses business texting to relate personally to gym members.


Most of the time Christina is communicating with 200 members and challengers through texting. She manages to do this by having people in various texting campaigns, depending on their fitness goals. Christina has a skill for writing and spent time creating several texting campaigns for FBBC.

Using Skipio, Christina can automate each message to include the recipient’s name – making the text all the more personal. She has different campaigns for various purposes to keep in contact with members and nurture individualized relationships – her motivation and nutrition campaigns are just two of many.


With the help of the 11 other employees at the gym, Christina created a campaign to add struggling challengers and members to keep them going. She and the employees gathered meaningful quotes and mottos that were organized into a campaign that sends texts every day – and now all Christina has to do is manage the responses. She offers uplifting messages in a very individualized way with this campaign.


Some members work with trainers to figure out a sustainable nutrition plan for themselves, and to give those people an extra boost, Christina adds them to the nutrition campaign on Skipio. In this campaign she has included pictures of recipes and ingredients, educating people on good nutrition habits. This smaller group elicits a lot of responses, and Christina is careful to respond to all of the messages she receives.


People today are much more interested in visuals and interactive messages – 91% of consumers surveyed said so. Christina understands the importance of interacting with people the way they want to communicate. With her nutrition campaign, she includes photos of ingredients and recipes in the messages – offering an alternative to strictly text-based messages. She also utilizes the multimedia functionality of Skipio by including videos, audio messages, links, and other visuals to grab people’s attention.

Personal responses

Following her philosophies as a life coach at FBBC, Christina tries to be just as personable over text as she is in person. She handles various running campaigns at all times but uses the Skipio Message Center to answer every text in a timely manner. Christina is all about adding humor and personality in her texting – that’s how she quickly connects with people.

Skipio Message Center

Christina has so much to manage in terms of running the operations of the gym, being a life coach for those at the gym, and handling all the text messages from members and leads. With the Skipio Message Center, Christina is able to handle all the messages on her plate with an easy-to-use interface. She reads the analytics within Skipio to understand what people are responding positively to and how to improve her communications.

Christina is focused on offering a personal experience for people at FBBC, McKinney – and texting is how she manages it. People are communicating on their phones, so why shouldn’t businesses be doing that to reach out to people too? Experience personal and efficient communication with your customers through Skipio.