Stay in the black with these Black Friday texting tips

by | Nov 15, 2018

Time to fine tune your Black Friday promotions and texts. But did you know that many businesses experience delays when sending messages around this time?

This occurs due to carrier-instituted delays, which help carriers manage the large number of messages sent during the holidays.

To help your business stay out of further trouble, consider these Black Friday texting tips.

Be careful how many messages you send

Personal messaging platforms like Skipio aren’t built for spamming. While you can send a large number of messages through Skipio, if you send too many, you’ll get hit with a carrier violation. This means your messages will not be sent and future messages won’t go out either, at least for a time. This could last a few days or a few weeks.

Sending more than 1,000 messages in a day could increase the likelihood that your number will be blocked by the major carriers. So no matter your carrier or the platform you’re using, carefully consider how many people you want to contact before hitting send.

Only send marketing messages to people you have permission to text

Have the contacts you’re planning to message actually opted in to receiving messages from you? If they haven’t, do not send them marketing messages. Otherwise you’ll face much bigger problems than making a sale. Read more about TCPA.

Personalize your messages

At the very least make sure each message includes the recipient’s first name.

In Skipio, use Custom Fields to pull in other individualized information. Just remember that to successfully use a custom field you need to have the corresponding information listed in the profiles of any contacts you’re messaging.

Write messages that are short and sweet

Texts aren’t email, so don’t treat them like email.

Send messages during normal business hours

Respect your contacts and their time. When scheduling messages, stick to general business hours (9 to 5) to avoid getting marked as spam. Or at the very least to avoid appearing bothersome. Business texting should be easy for you and convenient for those you’re texting.

Be prepared to respond individually

Respond to any replies you receive in a timely manner. A quick response on your end shows that you value your customers and their time. That’s key for building and maintaining an authentic relationship. And if someone asks to opt out of receiving future messages, honor the request immediately.

Make sure link tracking and URL shortening are turned off

With link tracking and URL shortening turned on in your Skipio profile, you run a higher risk of your messages getting flagged. To be safe, double check your settings.

First, log in to your Skipio account and select “My Profile.” At the bottom of the page, you see two options: “track links?” and “shorten links in messages?”. Then, mark both of them “no.”

Need a way to reach leads and customers?

Our last of the Black Friday texting tips is to download a free version of Skipio. No credit card required, no catch, no strings attached. It’s free for as long as you want to use it. We simply want to spread the magic and joy of Skipio.

Reach everyone at the right time with the right message during this holiday season and beyond.

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