Jumpstart your conversations with SMART Automations

by | Mar 14, 2019

Join thousands of businesses in starting more conversations with happy customers. We’re thrilled to introduce SMART Automations that grow with you and your business.

What are SMART Automations?

With these automations you create rules that dictate when or if Skipio needs to send out a message.

When you let Skipio take care of business, you keep conversations going even when you can’t reply in the moment.

But there are no bots with these rule-based messaging tools. You write the messages, choose the recipients, and make the rules. Skipio simply sends the messages at the right time, letting you loop back into the conversation at any time.

Skipio’s current SMART Automations include SMART Campaigns and SMART Integrations.

SMART Campaigns

Direct conversations and keep them going even when you aren’t able to answer personally. Create rules within Skipio campaigns to automate what messages get sent and when.

For every message within a campaign, you choose what happens if someone:

  • responds in any way
  • clicks on a link
  • ignores the associated message

Based on those rules, Skipio automatically moves people between campaigns and groups to ensure you’re always in contact with leads and customers alike.

SMART Integration Triggers

Take advantage of all the customer information your CRM is already collecting. Automatically send relevant, personalized text messages triggered by information and status changes in a customer’s profile.

Set rules in advance to trigger messages to be sent based on updates or changes like:

  • purchase date
  • last visit
  • credit card expiration
  • payment failure

Link Skipio to your systems and start building stronger relationships with your customers.

What’s next?

We built SMART Automations because we truly believe that automated follow-up with a human touch benefits businesses and customers alike. All that’s left for you to do is try them. We’re so excited to continue developing SMART Automations with your help and feedback.

Check out our full feature set to learn more about automations and how Skipio helps transform lives and businesses.

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