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A smarter, faster, better Skipio companion mobile app

Skipio’s companion mobile app has always helped individuals and teams connect with leads and customers and scale their businesses. So of course we wanted to make that experience even better.

So get ready for the completely redesigned Skipio companion for both iOS and Android.

What’s new

Well, the entire look of the app has changed. This new version is 100% dedicated to improving the user experience. It boasts a faster and easier-to-navigate interface.

Plus, it now looks and feels even more like the personal messaging app you use every day. With Skipio, you compose messages faster and schedule them with even greater ease.

But the updated look is just the most visible change. Other feature improvements include:

Of course, we will continue to update this companion to the desktop in the coming weeks and months to make it an even more powerful tool.

How to get it

Ready to check it out for yourself?

Current users: If you set your apps to update automatically, there’s nothing for you to do! Skipio will update automatically to the latest version between today, October 23, and Friday, November 1. However, if you don’t use automatic updates, you need to manually update your app in the App Store or Google Play.

Don’t have the mobile app? Download it for iOS and Android.

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