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Introducing the Skipio Message Library

The days of rewriting the same message over and over are, well, over.

We’re excited to announce the new Skipio Message Library! Quickly save and edit text messages with product info, event details, pricing, and any other repeatable messaging for future use. Include images and links in your messaging, and get smart message recommendations in real-time based on the context of your conversations. Make a copy of your saved texts and edit the message for specific contacts! Check it out:

Ready to fill up your new Message Library with saved messages? Here’s how to get started:

In the bottom right corner of any message composer, click the Message Library icon to create, select, and view the Message Library feature.

Try it:

1. Select the New Message button to begin creating a new message.

2. Give your message a detailed title.

‍3. Create the body of your message, then check the preview for spelling or grammar errors. Add images, links, videos, and so on to complete your Asset Library.

‍4. Add Keywords or hot words. When a customer texts you to see if you have any F-150’s left in your inventory, the keywords will help the Message Library recommend a message that you have created based on the keywords from the text message.‍

‍5. Then click the create button to add that message to your‍

‍Recommednation Engine

When a response comes in to Skipio, the Recommendation Engine will recommend messages based on the “title, body, and keywords” allowing you to quickly respond to one or many customers.

‍Search the Message Library

The Message Library is equipped with a full functioning search bar that allows you to search by any word inside your saved messages. Fill your Message Library and be prepared for all questions you are asked.