Skipio is everywhere with the new 5-star mobile companion app

by | Apr 17, 2018

Our customers were sick and tired of stumbling through our 1.4-star rated mobile companion app, and we were sick and tired of seeing our customers sick and tired.

So we listened, learned, worked, and worked some more to bring you the all-new 5-star mobile experience. This ain’t no update — this thing is brand spanking new. We went back to the drawing board armed with customer feedback and built the new app from the ground up, one customer need at a time.

The new platform introduces two new mobile companion apps built natively for IOS and Android devices, and it’s got everything you’ve been waiting (oh so patiently) for. Download it here.

The mobile companion is stacked to the brim, full of game-changing new features:

Message library: Write it once & use it forever

The days of rewriting the same message over and over are, well, over. We’re excited to announce the new Skipio Message Library! Quickly save and edit text messages with product info, event details, pricing, and any other repeatable messaging for future use. Include images and links in your messaging, and get smart message recommendations in real-time based on the context of your conversations. Make a copy of your saved texts and edit the message for specific contacts!

Scheduled messages: Just set it, and forget it

The worst thing ever is remembering you need to check in with a customer or send a quick followup tomorrow or next week and forgetting when the time comes. The new scheduled messages feature lets you set your message when you’re thinking about it and automatically send your message when you want it. Other features include the ability to:

  • Compose and schedule new messages
  • Edit scheduled messages
  • Remove contacts from scheduled messages
  • Add a new contact straight from the message composer
  • Add a contact on the fly right as you’re writing a new message. (Just add the phone number and first name, and instantly save your new contact straight to your contact list.)

Message center: Manage your connections anytime, anywhere

The all-new message center adds tabs to see all of your outgoing, incoming, and scheduled messages in one place. No more wondering what you have scheduled and who’s receiving what messages.

  • Inbox: Instant access to all of your active conversations.
  • Unread: Read all the messages that you haven’t yet read.
  • Scheduled: See whats scheduled for when, and who’s scheduled to get it.
  • Sent: Access all of your sent texts.
  • Search for messages: Search your message feed by name or phone number to find just the client you’re looking for.
  • Picture messages: One of our favorite new features! You are probably taking all the pics on your phone anyway, so now you can send them straight from your phone.

Push and banner notifications: Don’t let their responses go unread

Know instantly when your customers are engaging with you anytime, anywhere, straight from your phone. Because good customer service should be 24/7, keep a line of communication that’s always open.

Feedback portal: What do you want to see next?

Don’t have the app yet? Download it here. Tell us what you like and what you don’t. Have a new feature idea? Questions, comments, concerns? Use our new feedback portal to give us suggestions right from the app.

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