9 quotes from Skipio users that show how powerful the platform can be

by | Jul 7, 2020

Since March, COVID-19 has caused all businesses to reevaluate and reconsider how they function. For some that meant making the difficult decision to close, temporarily if not permanently. And companies that are still open have completely shifted how things get done, and that includes their communication with customers. (At least, it probably should have.)

Because the people who support your business deserve to hear from you regularly and personally.

That’s where Skipio comes in.

At first glance, you might look at Skipio and think it’s just a texting tool. But the platform is built to help businesses — of all sizes in all industries — communicate more effectively and personally. It’s built to help you have real conversations and authentic connections. As you use Skipio to communicate, you’ll reach out to people faster, follow up easier, get more customers, and keep them around longer.

With teams shifted to remote work and virtual interactions, who wouldn’t want a platform like that? Who wouldn’t want to give their business the best possible chance at creating stronger connections?

Here’s what a tiny sample of our users have to say about the platform and what it’s helped them accomplish. All of these Skipio customer quotes come from a person or organization that embraced Skipio and better business communication during the pandemic.

Book more appointments

“Skipio has transformed my business in just the week that I’ve had it. I got 15-20 new appointments on my books literally within an hour and a half just using it.” — Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay

A phone open to the Skipio login screen on a table with sticky notes, a pen, and a notebook.

“I was able to restart my acupuncture practice after the COVID restrictions were lifted with one campaign to 40 patients. Yesterday I had no patients … Today I’m booked solid all day for two weeks.” — Dean Monitto, Phoenix Rising Acupuncture

Get more responses

“I’ve used Skipio to reach out to potential and current customers. People have finally started responding and that is nice! My open rate is so much higher than email.” — Wellness by Jasmin

“I could not have my whole company of 180 soldiers come at the same time, but [with Skipio] I could effectively and efficiently schedule 1:1 appointments. I saw an increase in response of approximately 80%. I was able to accomplish the task ordered by my higher Commander on time because this platform is so effective.” — Tanner Jackson, United States Army Reserve

“One volunteer commented, ‘This is the best.’ It’s true. Skipio turned out to be the most reliable way to communicate with our volunteers.” — Weber Human Services Senior Companion Program

A woman holding a phone up with a building in the background.

Improve the communication experience

“Skipio has been a helpful tool to create personalized messages in order to update and keep contact with my clients. This has allowed my businesses to thrive while under state and federally mandated quarantine ordinances.” — Reggie George, SophistaCutz and The Father Figure Movement

“Everyone loves hearing from us and Skipio is so easy to use. I love it!” — Tobias Young Fitness

A man with wavy long hair looks at their phone as the sun is setting behind them.

“Some of our elderly have trouble accessing our online services. Using Skipio’s free service to send a message to our entire church with a link to the online service has been incredibly helpful.” — Believers Fellowship

“Students and parents love the communication with Skipio.” — Champagne’s Martial Arts Academy

Try Skipio for yourself

Hopefully these Skipio customer quotes help you understand why our platform is so much more than just a way to text. Skipio helps you with every aspect of business communication!

We want anyone and everyone to try Skipio, so our plans start at $0/month. (The majority of quotes we shared even came from users on the Free plan!) Plus, it’s free now and free forever. This isn’t a limited time offer or trial period. The account you create is yours to use for however long you want.

Sign up for Skipio and get into your account to start messaging in just minutes.

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