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Reconnect with past customers painlessly

Customer loyalty is declining. So how do you stand out?

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100+ texting stats that prove it’s the future of business c...

Business-customer texting is on the rise with small businesses worldwide, and for good reason.

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The complete customer retention strategy for all businesses

Studies show that it is 5 to 25 times MORE EXPENSIVE to acquire a new customer.

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How a 3-year-old and a carousel taught me a lesson on listening

When your customers speak, are you listening to understand, or are you just listening?

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Will you be my running partner?

Why having an accountability partner can dramatically increase your chances to succeed.

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Skipio is everywhere with the new 5-star mobile app

Get intelligent messaging straight from your phone.

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Top 3 reasons customers leave businesses

An air-tight customer retention strategy is what you need to increase profits.

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How biscuits and gravy taught me about unforgettable connections

A couple months back I met a colleague over Saturday breakfast at one of those rinky-dink, hole...

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How to build effective lead nurturing campaigns for your gym

Studies show that 50% of new prospects are not ready to make a buying decision.

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Introducing the Skipio Message Library

The days of rewriting the same message over and over are, well, over.

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3 tips to guarantee your communication will never be marked as sp...

What exactly is spam? Besides Hormel’s famous tin of spiced ham, of course.

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