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The key to becoming a marketing superhero

Did you ever tie an empty pillow case around your shoulders and jump off furniture to get your cape flapping in the wind?

I sure did. I was basically Superman — if only I had been a couple feet taller.

These days I spend a lot less time jumping off couches, beds, and chairs. (I much prefer relaxing in them.) But that’s not the only change.

Forget Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, or even Batman. Now I aspire to be Professor Charles Xavier.

Just imagine A/B testing a concept in a virtual Cerebro to find out what people really think and then influence them to see it your way. What marketer wouldn’t love to see, understand, and influence consumer preferences?

Sure, plenty of tools try to emulate Cerebro, but there are no quick fixes (yet). The best tool we all have, one that we’ve always had, is one we don’t use enough.

Asking questions.

When we ask more questions and really try to understand someone’s viewpoint, then we can position our ideas, products, or services in the best way.

So ask one more question than you were planning to, and listen as if it’s going to change everything. Because it just might.

Oh, and if you haven’t been asking questions but still feel like you’re succeeding, I’d like to formally request a tour of your Cerebro.