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Lead nurturing that works to seal the deal

How do you convert more leads? You show people that you actually care about their problems and helping solve them. In other words, you build better relationships. How do you build better relationships? By using lead nurturing that works to show people your business is the one that’s going to solve their problems.

Send these types of messages to improve your lead nurturing and convert more leads.

After filling out a lead form

Almost 80 percent of customers end up buying from the company that responds to their inquiry first. So respond fast and then engage them in conversation.

Ask them further questions to find out their pains (even though you should already technically know them) or include a CTA to get them to do something. Continue responding and enjoy a real conversation about what they need and what your business provides.

In other words, start building your relationship as quick as possible.

Before a meeting or call

Once you’ve started a conversation and done some nurturing, make it easy for people to schedule an appointment with you. Whether that’s a phone call, video chat, in-person meeting, or whatever, sending people a link to your calendaring system via text keeps things easy for you and them.

If they don’t schedule after that first message – and it’s most likely they won’t – continue following up. Keep sharing your calendar link. Doing this every day will be overkill, but you can and should follow up about scheduling 5-8 times over the course of a couple weeks. In conjunction, ask them specific questions and prompt them to ask you questions as well.

By learning what people have questions or hang-ups about, you better encourage them to schedule. This also helps your business prepare for the eventual meeting or conversation because whoever is taking the call or holding the appointment will be more familiar with the lead’s needs and therefore ready to give them the answers they want.

Once a lead schedules, make sure they show up by sending reminder messages. Help them see that you care if they show up because that means their life will be made easier.

And just like you made it easy for them to schedule, make it just as easy to reschedule. If someone cancels or no-shows, follow up as soon as possible to get them back on the calendar. Don’t let them fall through the cracks!

After a meeting or call

No matter the outcome of a meeting or phone call, thank people for speaking with you. Everyone’s time is valuable! A simple text goes a long way.

After showing your gratitude, ask to schedule another appointment if necessary. Stay top of mind and don’t wait too long to reach out again. You have a better chance of closing if you show a lead you’re serious about helping them solve a problem.

A Mac desktop with a calendar open on an iPad. A huge part of lead nurturing that works is carefully scheduling leads and getting them to show up.

Depending on what you discussed in the first appointment, message them with further information that helps answer questions or concerns they initially brought up. If you weren’t able to answer a question or you happen to have more resources for someone, send those along!

Finally, ask them for feedback. Depending on where in the sales cycle a lead is, what you ask for feedback about will vary. Regardless, show leads you care about how they’ve been treated and what you could have done to better help them.

Note: If your business uses appointment setters, or if you are the setter, so you don’t actually meet with the people you’re scheduling, still ask them how it went. Just because you didn’t meet with someone doesn’t mean you still can’t be interested in the outcome. You might find out some valuable information you can pass along to whoever will be trying to close the sale (if they didn’t already in the meeting).

If the lead won’t be going further…

Not every lead you get will be a right fit and others simply won’t be qualified, at least for the time being. Some leads will also choose to not continue seeking the help of your business. You have a few options then.

Depending on your offering and the quality of the leads, you may want to provide resources or information to get someone qualified to convert.

When you want lead nurturing that works, that also means letting people go. If a lead is simply not a good fit, wish them the best and send them on their way.

If a lead makes the choice to move on, don’t keep bothering them. Leave the door open for them to choose you in the future. Even if someone is qualified but chooses not to do business with you (which will happen plenty often), don’t be a nuisance. Their “golden hour” of conversion could be sometime in the future if you’ve left a good impression.

Prioritizing the correct messages will give you lead nurturing that works and helps you quickly and easily convert your leads. Obviously sending these messages doesn’t mean you’ll convert every lead every time. But you help your chances as you optimize your lead nurturing and engage at regular intervals with genuine curiosity.

Get lead nurturing that works every time

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