Always ask these questions about your lead nurturing process

by | Jan 7, 2020

Pretty much everyone wants more time in the day, and we’re all searching for ways to make that happen. Bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and brand builder Rory Vaden offers up a solution we can get behind. And you need to ask yourself just four questions.

By asking these questions when you look at your to-do lists, you should see a number of ways to free up your day. In this post we’re applying those questions to your lead nurturing to-do list and showing you how Skipio helps you optimize your lead nurturing process and save more time than ever.

Can I eliminate this task?

You can’t eliminate outreach and follow-up with leads. And no business should want to leave their leads to make a purchasing decision in isolation.

But you can eliminate ineffective methods of outreach. For example, a lot of communication done through email and phone calls isn’t the best way to deliver a message.

So few emails even get opened, and most people want to communicate with businesses over text anyway. You also don’t want to spend hours every day trying to get in touch with someone just to make an appointment or give a quick reminder. Even if you want to simply leave a voicemail, that takes a lot of time.

Using Skipio means significantly decreasing your reliance on email and phone calls for contacting leads, especially when you integrate the platform with your other systems. You’ll get more responses and action because you’ll be communicating with leads the way they want: texting. And you’ll be able to automate your initial outreach and follow-up.

With help from the Skipio Resource Center, you learn how to create more efficient messages series. That way you eliminate unnecessary messages that don’t make a difference in the conversion process. The article in the Resource Center teach you the proper cadence and timing of messages to get responses. It’s not just about setting appointments either — you start real conversations and better qualify leads to give yourself the best chance of closing every sale.

Can it be delegated, or can I teach someone else how to do this?

You probably already have different people handling different aspects of the lead nurturing process. But you can take that a step further with Skipio as you start automating more of the process.

You set up your account to reach out to new leads, get them to set appointments, remind them to show up, and get them back on the schedule if they no-show or cancel.

You keep using your same lead flow, add the leads you generate to Skipio, and use the platform to book appointments. That means more chances to close sales without spending more on generating leads.

By automating portions of this process, you and your teams instead dedicate time, money, and resources to:

  • improving marketing efforts beyond lead gen
  • perfecting sales pitches
  • engaging with current customers
  • actually closing deals with prospects

In other words, people can do their real jobs instead of chasing down leads.

A person looking at their Apple Watch. Technology like that helps with speedy communication.

Gym owner Heather DeWitt and her team got 5-7 hours of time back every week by using Skipio for their lead nurturing. That may not seem like a lot, but think about what you could do with an extra hour every day.

Maybe that leaves you open for one more meeting with a prospect or gives you the chance to get home an hour earlier to spend time with your family. You simply rest easy knowing all of your leads will be contacted and followed up with.

Can I automate this task?

Like we already mentioned, you can’t eliminate following up with leads, even if you feel like it takes too long or the questions people ask are silly.

Luckily, when you delegate to Skipio, you enjoy all the power of the platform’s automations. So not only are you offloading some of the time-consuming lead nurturing tasks, our automations help ensure no one falls through the cracks.

Skipio automates:

  • appointment setting, confirmations, and reminders
  • follow-up and rescheduling when someone misses an appointment or cancels
  • outreach after an appointment to see how it went

Every appointment gets added to your calendar and the leads who show up to meet with you already feel like they’ve built a relationship with your business. That’s because you don’t rely on bots or totally AI-driven solutions. You just need a person ready to continue conversations with leads and personally engage.

Should I do this task now, or can I do it later?

Think about what happens when you put off a task. All too often that task simply never gets done. Or when it does eventually get done, it gets done haphazardly or too late for it to really make the difference you wanted.

When you put off contacting leads, that’s the difference between getting a new customer and, well, not. You should always aim to contact as many leads as possible as quickly as possible. Almost 80 percent of people will buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first.

Your business could be the perfect match for a customer, but by not reaching out to them and helping them understand that, they’ll go with another option.

By using Skipio for lead nurturing, you never have to worry because there isn’t any “later.” Skipio immediately reaches out to all new leads and gets conversations going. That’s the beauty of Skipio’s automations and our human-in-the-loop focus that was mentioned in the last section.

You just have to worry about the customers in front of you, growing your business in other ways, and spending more time doing what you love.

What’s next…

All of this sounds nice, doesn’t it? We really mean it when we say it’s possible. We’ve seen it happen over and over again.

You do get hours back in your day, money back in your pocket, and the chance to reclaim your life when you focus on improving your lead nurturing process and shortening the sales cycle. Skipio makes sure of it.

To get started nurturing your leads through texting and with Skipio, check out this post with 6 simple tips.

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