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In the holiday spirit: 3 ways to use texting to show customer appreciation

Holiday deals and specials bring in current customers and hopefully draw in new ones too. While you of course want to take advantage of holiday spending, the end of the year is also a great time to show customer appreciation with an event.

Things to keep in mind…

The size of your active customer base heavily influences the customer appreciation event you plan. If the promotion is too exclusive, are you really showing appreciation to your customers? And if it’s too broad, no one feels special.

For example, your offer might only be for those who spent a certain amount of money at your business in the past 3–6 months or for people who visited X number of times in a specified time frame.

If your business is really big or really small, you may be able to offer a deal to all of your customers. Just make sure you’re prepared to handle it.

How long you choose to run a customer appreciation promotion depends largely on your budget and customer base as well. Generally, a week-long customer appreciation promotion works well.

With a solid business process, you’ll be able to run promotions with ease. Here are three ways to use texting to reward your loyal customers.

Show this text to get a free gift

Most importantly, choose something you know most people will actually want. If you own a gym, give away branded workout apparel, sample products of supplements, or small gift baskets with an assortment of exercise-related items.

Just keep in mind that the longer it runs, the more gifts you must account for. A shorter promotion also creates greater urgency.

A woman holding a wrapped gift. Giving an appropriate gift can be a great way to show customer appreciation.

Once you determine which customers you’ll be messaging, add them to a group and send an announcement text a couple days before the promotion starts, explaining the details and potentially teasing what the gift is.

Announcement text example: Thanks for choosing us, [First Name]! Starting Monday, show us this text to get a swag bag of our favorite merch. This promotion ends 12/8.

Make sure your thoughtful gifts are ready for people to pick up the first day of the promotion. If someone makes a special trip to come in for it and it’s carelessly put together or not available at all, you may alienate them instead.

Send another text a day or two before it ends to get those last-minute redemptions.

Text [keyword] to enter our raffle

Texting everyone on your customer list could either go really well or really poorly depending on how many items you have to raffle off and how much they’re worth, though you likely have a bit more freedom with a raffle appreciation event.

Send a brief announcement text and a digital flyer with full details to your designated customer base a few days before your promotion starts. Ask people to reply with a keyword if they want to enter the raffle. Make it clear that by responding with the keyword they will be receiving daily texts from you.

Announcement text example: Hey [First Name], 12/3 to 12/8 is Customer Appreciation Week! Reply with “PICKME” to enter our raffle. You’ll receive daily texts from us to earn more entries.

Add anyone who replies with the keyword to a special raffle group and send daily texts that ask a question. Anyone who uses the keyword gets one raffle ticket, and as people respond throughout the week, they get extra tickets. They’ll show their phones to get tickets on raffle night.

Include goods and/or services from your own business and solicit items from other businesses in the area. Tease some of the hot items in your texts, and just like with giving gifts, make sure the prizes are worthwhile.

Raffle tickets. Hosting a raffle is a great way to show customer appreciation.

Show this text to get X% off

If you’re not in a position to give gifts or host a raffle, plan a special sale for select customers.

The key? Making the percentage worth it. Your customers won’t feel appreciated by a 10% off coupon that only saves them a dollar or two.

The cost of your products or services heavily influences the deal you offer. Offering 30% off shoes at a store affects profits differently than 30% off a special training session at a gym.

Send an announcement text a few days before the promotion starts, clearly explaining when it starts and ends. Send a text on the last day telling people it’s their last chance to get X percentage off.

Announcement text example: Thanks for being one of our loyal customers. We love seeing you, [First Name]. Show this text to get 40% off any item in the store between 12/1 and 12/8.

Above all, make it clear what items or services the percentage applies to. People want the best deal possible, and if you fail to outline the limitations, you could really hurt your bottom line. 30% off one item is very different than 30% off one order.

No matter how you show customer appreciation with a texting promotion, personalize each message, at the very least with each recipient’s first name. Your “appreciation” won’t seem genuine if you fail to treat your customers or clients like individuals.