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Everything you need to know about the Free Skipio plan [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yes, it really is free. No, it’s not a free Skipio trial or a limited-time offer. Here are the answers to even more frequently asked questions about the Free Skipio plan.

What does 1-on-1 messaging mean?

1-on-1 messaging is just like the texting you do with your personal number and your phone’s native messaging app. It’s just all done in Skipio!

We never limit or charge for incoming messages or non-automated outgoing messages. As long as you’re sending messages from within a conversation thread (and not scheduling them), your outgoing messages are unlimited.

We do this because we know how important the real conversations are. You can’t be burdened by outbound message fees or a limited number of outbound message credits. Just text people!

What counts as an automated message?

Automated messages include…

  • messages sent to 1 or more people using the message composer
  • messages sent through drip campaigns or reminder campaigns
  • messages scheduled in a conversation thread

Automated messages do not include…

  • messages sent in a conversation thread that are not scheduled (those are 1-on-1 messages and are unlimited)

If you want to schedule a message to 5 people, that’s 5 messages of your 75 for the month. If you create a campaign with 5 messages (a campaign being a series of messages set to send at specific intervals) and add 5 people to it, that’s 25 messages.

What if I want to send more automated messages?

We know that many of you would benefit from having more scheduled messages or longer campaigns. And we want you to have the touchpoints with your customers that keep your connections strong.

Anyone on a Free plan can add a credit card to their account to pay for any additional automated messages they want to send.

Once we have a card on file, you’ll be charged monthly for the previous month’s usage. You will only be charged 3 cents for each additional message you send over the 75 limit. Just pay for what you use and nothing else!

How many people can I text?

You can add 250 contacts to your Address Book in Skipio. But this doesn’t mean you can only message 250 people!

Anyone can text your Skipio number. If they aren’t in your Address Book, they’ll appear as Nameless Contact until you add them to your contact list and update their info. So even if you reach your contact limit, you can still keep conversations going with new people who might text you. (Remember those unlimited 1-on-1 messages?)

What’s a campaign?

A campaign is a series of automated messages that send at specific intervals set by you. Knowing what to say is sometimes half the battle (or more), so we provide you 2 prewritten campaigns. These campaigns help you know what to say and when to say it. You simply have to customize the messages specifically to your business and situation.

These campaigns appear automatically in your account and you can use them immediately.

What do I get in the Resource Center?

The Resource Center is your go-to location for any and all questions about Skipio and business texting in general. You’ll find articles there that teach you about all of Skipio’s features and how to use them. Plus, we provide texting best practices and tips to help you better engage with customers. There are also campaign and message templates to use and customize!

Is Skipio just on desktop?

We offer desktop and mobile apps for all users! There are some things you can only do on desktop, but the mobile app ensures you never miss a message and always have a way to move contacts between groups and campaigns.

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