“Do we need business texting?” 4 departments at your company that benefit

by | Jul 23, 2019

Ready to make your company even more efficient? Hoping to convince your boss that your team needs to adopt a business texting platform? Need some convincing yourself about how texting could help your department?

Here’s an overview of key areas within four departments where a texting platform like Skipio could play a beneficial role. We put together these uses cases from real conversations, interviews, and experiences with Skipio clients.

Customer service/support

Whether the customer service team needs to answer questions from prospective customers or current ones, texting allows the team to interact quickly and easily. Though bots and chat features on websites do serve useful functions at times, texting is equally convenient in many cases and proves more personal.

People may want to text customer support about:

  • product availability
  • product/service descriptions
  • hours of operation
  • appointment scheduling
  • currently advertised sales or promotions
  • basic troubleshooting issues
  • simple how-to advice or tutorials

With the Skipio app, employees and teams keep the platform with them wherever they go.

If customer service agents get assigned to handle specific customer accounts, those account managers should be assigned their own specific numbers. The account managers can share those numbers with their assigned customers. That sort of VIP service shows a heightened level of customer care, allowing teams to provide even better service.

Look out for more news on this soon.

The easiest way to request feedback and reviews is also through texting. Shortly after an employee helps a customer – whether that’s online or in real life – the employee should send a text asking about the experience. Linking someone directly to a review site makes it even more likely a customer will leave feedback.

Skipio Reviews gives your company the best chance of getting more positive reviews that drive future business.


Considering how little time sales professionals actually spend selling, they need tools that give them back their time.

Easily set up appointments for demos or introductory meetings via text. Link people to a calendar and have them choose the time. Then send confirmation and reminder texts to make sure they show up. Because people are most likely to buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first, responding with texting helps reps be that first responder.

SMART Campaigns and SMART Integrations help you send messages immediately after someone makes an appointment. Never miss a follow-up.

Beyond lead nurturing, texting also works great for reviving “dead leads.” All sales teams keep the information of people who weren’t ready to buy for whatever reason. But maybe now some of those people are ready. By reaching out via text to check in or offer a deal, you quickly and easily reconnect with dead leads. Plus, with texting this outreach can actually be personal.

Texting current customers also isn’t the sole responsibility of customer service agents or support teams. For reps who maintain relationships with customers, texting is an easy way to initiate an upsell. If a sales rep knows that a customer might be a good fit for a certain package, membership, or service, they can reach out with a quick text to that customer.

SMART Integrations help you reach out automatically before events like membership expirations occur so that you can set up appointments, a perfect time to upsell.


In order to properly market a business, the marketing team needs to clearly understand their customers. Why not initiate that learning through texting?

If there are customers that the sales team or customer service team developed a strong relationship with who they know love the company’s products and/or services, texting them to get quotes or testimonials speeds up the process.

Skipio’s Message Library helps you send these requests even quicker as you can write them once and continue using them whenever needed.

Along with gathering testimonials, the marketing team may want to set up appointments for customer interviews. This could help them verify buyer personas and determine what aspects of the product could be improved. Customer interviews could also turn into customer videos, with real people telling the story of your company and its impact.

When it’s time for a marketing promotion, send customers coupons and deals via text. Little acts of customer appreciation also go a long way. These messages, written by the marketing team, could be sent from the numbers of customer service reps. Texting their specific customers makes it even more personal.

For a whole customer appreciation week, create a Drip Campaign and send messages out automatically, filling in personalized information with Custom Fields.

Texting is a great way to promote sales and special events, especially if you know certain customers will be excited for specific products to go on sale. With a customer’s purchase history or product interests saved to your CRM, you can personalize the messages even more.

When planning events, whether virtual or otherwise, invite customers via text and share the Online RSVP on your social media, encouraging your guests to share it as well.


Being able to communicate internally on a large scale is a huge advantage to HR departments. But emails routinely get ignored and go unanswered. Texting proves to be an excellent method of in-house communication.

Many companies require employees to go through specific trainings. Reaching out to people to remind them to complete certain trainings or courses can easily be done through texting. This helps you create a more educated and cohesive team and business.

Create a Drip Campaign for each training and add people to it as needed, reminding them at certain intervals how long they have to complete it.

A big part of creating and maintaining an awesome company culture is making sure employees feel like they belong, especially new employees. Reaching out to new employees at 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days is never easier than with texting. No one falls through the cracks.

Create similar Drip Campaigns to training reminders for employee outreach and evals.

Texting also allows you to easily schedule appointments with seasoned employees at review points or even when it’s time for exit interviews as people move on to new ventures.

Appointment confirmations and reminders sent automated with Skipio allow everyone to be on the same page.

And for days when you need people to show up to important informational meetings, easily alert and remind people with a quick text. Use it to your advantage that people have their phones with them throughout work.

Business texting for humans

So, to answer your question, yes. You do need business texting. Whether you’re an entrepreneur working with a few employees or a sales manager with 10 sales reps, there’s a Skipio solution for you.

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