Let’s review Black Friday texting tips

by | Nov 3, 2020

With Halloween out of the way, Black Friday and the holiday season now quickly approach. In the blink of an eye, it will be all cornucopias and snowmen. That also means it’s crunch time for your holiday promotions and deals.

Use these Black Friday business texting tips to ensure the most people see your messages and act on them to help you have the most successful holiday season.

Limit the messages you send at one time

Okay, hear us out. This may seem very counter-intuitive to what you want to do for a big Black Friday promotion. But unless you use a short code number and just want to send countless messages without worry, you need to understand this.

With a normal 10-digit number, sending too many messages at one time or in a very short period of time will likely result in a carrier violation. That means your messages will not be delivered by carriers — for a time at least. These suspensions can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

If you send 1,000+ messages in a day, that increases the likelihood of your messages getting blocked by carriers.

Think about it: Sending that many nearly identical messages is not personal at all! Ten-digit numbers like you get with Skipio are made for two-way communication, not just pushing out information.

So use your 10-digit number wisely and don’t spam your whole list of contacts at once.

Which brings us to our next tip…

Send specific offers to select groups

Messaging a specific group of contacts with a specific offer is going to yield the best results for you and will help you avoid carrier violations.

People appreciate personalized offers and they also appreciate genuine human interactions, so those “best results” mean more sales and more responses. And more responses mean having real conversations, building relationships, and selling even more in the future.

Carefully choose the contacts you want to message with different holiday promotions. And keep those messages personal with these ideas…

Personalize your messages

According to Marketo, 79 percent of consumers will only engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect previous interactions the consumer has had with the business.

The minimum you should do is include people’s first names. Especially now with the pandemic, people are hoping businesses will take care of and look after them. Show your customers that they’re more than just a number by putting more effort into your personalization.

Your messages should include info like a contact’s favorite product, most recent purchase, and the like. (In Skipio, you use Custom Fields to automatically pull in individualized information even when messaging a large group at one time). So using that info, send them offers for things they actually like and want.

Personalizing your messages is also easier when you add contacts to different groups that will then each receive specific offers. If certain people love one product and don’t care about anything else, it’s going to feel really odd if they receive promotional texts about products or services they have zero interest in.

Send more than 1 message

Sending just 1 message announcing a promotion and never talking about it again won’t exactly help you. People need reminders. Build up the hype before and during a promotion by sending a series of related messages.

After all, lack of follow-up is what causes people to feel neglected and choose another business to patronize.

Send a message at least a few days before your Black Friday promotion begins, teasing out the relevant deals and making sure people know when the promo starts. Reply quickly and thoughtfully to any replies you receive.

Then, the day the promotion begins, send a reminder. Give extra details about any active offers and encourage people to reply with questions.

Keep messages short and to the point

Sure, Skipio gives you 320 characters. But don’t use them all if you don’t need them. Long copy ads may work great for Facebook, but texts aren’t ads. Give people the information they need to act on your offer, not a long story about why they’re the perfect customer for a certain item.

And if you plan to send multiple messages, as you should, it’s easier to keep each individual message more focused rather than sending novel-length messages.

If a promotion or offer is more complicated, send a digital flyer to share those details. Using tools like Canva is simple and highly effective.

Only text people with their permission

The absolute last thing you want is to get hit with a TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protect Act) violation. Only send marketing messages to people who have opted in to the communication. If someone tells you to stop or asks to opt out, honor the request immediately. Read more about TCPA and talk with a legal professional in your area if you have questions.

Respect people’s time

Don’t send messages outside of normal business hours. If you schedule messages in advance, this is important!

So if your promotion starts at 6 am on Black Friday, for example, don’t schedule a text to send 2 hours before that to remind people. Schedule a reminder to go out the previous day. Then, later in the day on Black Friday send a follow-up message about the day’s promotion.

If you have a Skipio account and worry you’ll forget, adjust your automated message delivery hours within your profile settings to ensure all campaign messages go out at the right times.

Get more holiday and Black Friday texting tips by downloading the Holiday Strategy Guide.

This blog post was originally published November 5, 2019 and was most recently updated November 2, 2020. Updates include new sections and more detailed examples for successfully contacting customers via text.

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