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Let’s review Black Friday texting tips

With Halloween out of the way, Black Friday and the holiday season are now quickly approaching. How much thought have you given to texting your leads or customers about holiday promotions and deals?

Use these Black Friday texting tips to engage more people and earn more sales during your holiday promotions.

Limit the number of messages you send

Okay, hear us out. This may seem very counter-intuitive to what you may want to do for a big Black Friday promotion.

But a platform like Skipio, which gives you a real 10-digit number, isn’t built for spamming. If you want to send countless messages without ever worrying and you don’t care about getting responses, you should use short code.

While you can send a large number of messages through Skipio, sending too many will result in a carrier violation. That means your messages will not be sent – for a time at least. These suspensions can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

If you send more than 1,000 messages in a day, that increases the likelihood of your messages getting blocked by carriers.

Create a specific list

No matter your carrier or the platform you use, carefully pare down the list of people you want to message. Messaging a specific target audience with a specific offer is going to yield the best results for you and will help you avoid carrier violations.

Only text people with their permission

The absolute last thing you want is to get hit with a TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protect Act) violation. Only send marketing messages to people who have opted in to the communication. If someone tells you to stop or asks to opt out, honor the request immediately. Read more about TCPA and talk with a legal professional in your area if you have questions.

Personalize your messages

The minimum you should do is include people’s first names. But the more customization you do, the better.

In Skipio, use Custom Fields to pull in other individualized information. Just remember that to successfully use a custom field you need to have the corresponding information listed in the profiles of any contacts you’re messaging.

Personalizing your messages could also include adding contacts to different groups that will then each receive specific offers. And according to Marketo, 79 percent of consumers will only engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect previous interactions the consumer has had with the business.

Keep messages short and to the point

Sure, Skipio gives you 320 characters. But don’t use them all if you don’t need them. Long copy ads may work great for marketing, but texts aren’t ads. Give people just the information they need to act on your offer.

If needed, send a simple digital flyer to share more details.

Respect people’s time

Don’t send messages outside of normal business hours. If you schedule messages in advance, this is especially important. Even if your promotion starts at 6 am on Black Friday, for example, don’t schedule a text to send 2 hours before that to remind people. Schedule those reminders to go out in the days before.

If you have a Skipio account and worry you’ll forget, adjust your automated message delivery hours within your profile settings.

Follow up with everyone

This applies to during your Black Friday promotion and after it ends. (Well, actually, you should be following up with everyone at all times.) To not only close a sale but also keep people coming back, you need to properly follow up.

After all, lack of follow-up is what causes people to feel neglected and choose another business to patronize. Reply thoughtfully and quickly during a promotion and your business benefits then and in the future.

Get more holiday and Black Friday texting tips by downloading our Holiday Strategy Texting Guide.