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The power of asking the right questions

The other day a Skipio team member asked me a question. And this one simple question got him moving in a totally different direction.

It truly happened because he was willing to question his path. This new perspective allowed him to rethink where he wanted to be and who he wanted to be (and even had him make the choice to leave our company and embark on a new adventure).

When we ask the right questions, even seemingly minor ones, we can drastically change our direction. And as we continually ask questions, we continually teach ourselves. Good questions alter our lives, the way we feel about certain subjects, and how we react in specific situations.

This team member sent me an email afterward thanking me, which he really should have just thanked himself because he was the one who came with the question and felt prepared to take action. He knew that with the question came an answer. And if the answer wasn’t exactly what he wanted, that was okay because he was willing to see the question through.

So we can’t just think of questions — we have to ask them. Not only do we teach ourselves when we ask questions, we teach those around us. Your question might inspire a friend or coworker to start asking questions of their own. And those questions might set them on a whole new path, a path better than the one they were on before.

We should all take the time to understand the power of questions and prepare to take action on the answers we get. The willingness to ask questions and then follow through on the answers shows you’re humble and teachable, and you need to be both of those things to succeed in life and business.

What questions have you asked to help steer your business or your life down a path that you didn’t expect?