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5 quick tips to the most productive day ever

Here are five takeaways from a power-packed hour with Craig Ballantyne, author of “The Perfect Day Formula.”

“Imagine for a moment what a perfect day would look like for you. Picture the most productive day you’ve ever had, and then imagine that day every day.”  

To actually obtain that perfect day may feel like a stretch right now, but by simply making five small tweaks, that perfect day could be a reality every single day.

Take control

A successful day starts with recognizing what you can and cannot control. You cannot control the weather, upset customers, sick children – the external world. But you can control your thoughts, words, and actions. The most important ritual you can control is what you do with that time right after you get out of bed. If you examine a common trait among the greatest authors, artists, and inventors, you will find they accomplished their best work in the morning.


These morning victories start with preparing properly the night before. If you have a plan in place, the chances of opposing forces taking over are less likely. If exercise is a goal, lay your workout clothes next to your bed. If eating a healthier breakfast is a change you’d like to make, prep the food before you go to sleep. If writing is the task at hand, prepare your desk before you close your eyes. If contacting your customers is the goal, make a business texting strategy.

Find your magic time

It may be 6:00 AM or it may be 4:00 AM.

“The hour you wake up isn’t as important as what you do with the hours you are awake.”

Research shows that beginning your day with a victory puts you in a positive mood. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ve gained the biggest win and nobody that passes through your day can take that away from you.

Make a list

The trick to making a list is not biting off more than you can chew but still putting enough on that list that you feel accomplished.

“A simple to-do list remains the secret of the most successful people.”

The best to-do list sticks to a handful of very specific actionable and non-conflicting items. Schedule your number one priority first. Attack it immediately in the morning. Get that morning win and you will own your day.

Beat procrastination

“Action is the simplest way to avoid procrastination. Get up and throw yourself into the battle. Be clear about your number one priority and attack it with great energy.”

If you are ready for that perfect day, that perfect day is ready for you. Take control of those mornings, win the day, and achieve your goals and dreams.

“Success starts with making the right decisions, right now, for your right life.”