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Reviewing Skipio’s 2018 must-read posts

2018 was a fantastic year for Skipio, and that includes for our content as well. So here’s the Skipio must-read posts from the last year.

Skipio must-read posts

Top 5 articles on the blog

Top content in the Success Center

  • Most read article: Your Drip Campaign Starter Guide
  • Most downloaded campaign: Get More Referrals

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How to improve your texting

For those just getting started with business texting or those who simply want to refine their skills, each of these posts focuses on different aspects of improving your business texting skills.

How to listen and make connections

The best listeners prioritize accountability and the needs of who they’re listening to. Find out how you can better maximize your ability to make connections.

What you can use texting for

Not sure how to implement texting with your team even though you know you should be doing it? Check out these posts to learn a few ways you can successfully text.

Whether you’ve been with us all year or only recently found Skipio, we appreciate your support. We’re excited to bring you even more great content and features in 2019!