10 reasons businesses love communicating with Skipio

by | Jun 29, 2018

The numbers are in and consumers everywhere are practically begging businesses to use text messaging. It’s everyone’s preferred business communication method:

  • 90% of leads prefer to be texted as compared to called.
  • Nearly 78% of consumers would like to communicate with a business via text.
  • 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS. 
  • 81% of Americans use SMS to communicate every day.
  • Americans write messages twice as much as they call.

Skipio knows that you need to be where your clients and customers are – on their phones – and has revolutionized the way businesses are communicating. Here are 10 reasons why Skipio is the No. 1 platform for person-to-person communication. (Texting is the best business communication method for a reason.)

“I sent over 100 messages and in my first four hours of my sale sold over $469.00. Thank you. I love Skipio.” — Andrew Castillo

1. 10-digit phone number

Did you know the average business line only has one feature? Calling. With Skipio you get a brand new business line supercharged with the ability to text the masses, send ringless voicemails, use keywords, and receive incoming calls forwarded to a number of your choice. Skipio’s 10-digit phone numbers also help you maintain a personal relationship with your clients because when your customers receive your text, they see that it’s a real message from a real person – YOU!

2. Personal communication

Just because you are texting the masses doesn’t mean it can’t be personal. With Skipio each message is sent individually, one-by-one, to all of your clients. It just happens really fast. You can use Custom Fields to make every message unique and personal to each individual. 

3. Automation

If you want more time in your day, use technology to automate repetitive tasks. Skipio will help you increase your speed to lead, automate your follow up, and automatically send messages to new customers. Keywords and SkipLinks will trigger Smart Campaigns for you. Set up campaigns to automate the whole processes.

4. Message Library

The Skipio Message Library lets you place messages you repeatedly type out into a simple-to-access library. These messages can be selected and sent to as many contacts as you need. Save time by preparing your library with quick responses to engage with your customers without having to type each message.

5. SMART Campaigns

Each customer or lead will take a slightly different journey to purchase from you. What if you could move each customer into the marketing campaign that works best for their journey? Now you can because Skipio Campaigns just got that much smarter! With SMART Campaigns, you add rules to help automate and keep your current/potential customers moving through your campaign funnel.

6. Multimedia messages

Skipio allows you to send video messages, voice messages, pictures, links, and more. Load files, record video or audio, and link your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

7. Skipio keywords

Keywords trigger campaigns, automatically sending out targeted messages. When someone texts in your chosen keyword to your Skipio number, they automatically get added to the campaign and receive the first message in your campaign exactly when you want them to. It all happens with zero stress on your part.

8. Personalized content

How long would it take you to send a personalized message to 500 of your customers? If you sent a text out every 30 seconds, it would take over four hours. In the time it takes you to read this, Skipio can schedule a personalized message to thousands of your contacts.

9. Ringless Voicemail

Sometimes your contacts need to hear from you. Literally. With Skipio you do it with one click. Record a voice message and send it directly to a customer’s voicemail box. Add these voicemails into any campaign.

10. Trackable links

With Skipio you know when people see your messages. Trackable links take it a step further, showing you who is engaging with content you sent. Track links in individual messages, threads, and campaigns.

Still not convinced Skipio will make a difference in sales for your business? Let the numbers speak for themselves with our ROI calculator!

Make Skipio part of your business process today and start using the best business communication method.